Si apud bibliothecam hortulum habes – nihil deerit.

(If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.)

Cicero (+43 B.C.) Ad Familiares IX, 4.


“Today...I wish you a day of ordinary miracles –
A fresh pot of coffee you didn't have to make yourself.
An unexpected phone call from an old friend.
Green stoplights on your way to work or shop.
I wish you a day of little things to rejoice in…
The fastest line at the grocery store.
A good sing along song on the radio.
Your keys right where you look.
I wish you a day of happiness and perfection-little bite-size pieces of perfection
that give you the funny feeling that the Lord is smiling on you,
holding you so gently because you are someone
special and rare.
I wish you a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy”.
(Author Unknown)


…we do not become conscious of the three great blessings in life as such, namely health, youth, and freedom, as long as we possess them, but only after we lose them.

Arthur Schopenhauer (+1860), The World as Will and Representation, trans. E. F. J. Payne, New York: Dover, 1969, vol. 2, p. 575.